The Goat Farm Arts Center is known for curating and presenting some of the most innovative experiments in genre defying experiences, encouraging creatives to push personal boundaries while creating a vehicle to “excite new thinking & pattern break.”  D_MPSTERS is a Goat Farm Arts Center curated program utilizing 10 dumpsters to create visual art environments scattered throughout the Atlanta cityscape. D_MPSTERS will be on display as a part of the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs week-long ELEVATE 2014 public art celebration. The exhibitions will be open to the public Friday October 17th and continue until Thursday, October 23rd.  All exhibits are free and open to the public.


Hybrid developments that assemble Art, Performance, Science, Design, Technology & Small Manufacturing entities in Built Environments that simultaneously operate as Centers for Contemporary Art & Performance. This blending of disciplines seeks to increase Atlanta’s relevance, economic opportunity and market competitiveness. Goat Farm environments look to the future to trigger new thinking, new technologies and linking innovation and invention to the City of Atlanta.


Made possible by The City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs with significant support from cultural, community and Business Partnerships, ELEVATE is an Annual Fall Celebration that focuses creative energy, public art and cultural events in Downtown Atlanta. Join the conversation here: facebook.com/ElevateAtlanta

In Collaboration With:


Generous support of D_UMPSTERS provided by Unity Environmental. Unity Environmental has been community focused since its inception. Our primary goal is to develop and deliver environmentally focused waste and recycling solutions. We do that in partnership with the communities in which we serve. Unity is not just a name; it is one of our founding principles. We make it a point to work with local vendors and businesses to help ensure professional, safe, and courteous waste and recycling services.


Support provided to D_MPSTERS by Cult Cargo. Cult Cargo Constructions is a collective of artist and craftsmen who design and build small re-purposed spaces for creative output.


Compost donation made to Wishing Well D_MPSTER by our friends over at Compostwheels.  Compostwheels is local compost pick-up service in Atlanta, GA. Compostwheels makes it possible for residents, business owners, and companies to compost in the city for the betterment of our local food system. Compostwheels partners with urban farms, gardens, and schools to help create sustainable composting programs that educate, and grow healthy people and food.


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Image by TimothyJ