Chamber Cartel

Chamber Cartel will celebrate Music as Community. We will present several bite-sized concerts of engaging contemporary music that will encourage social interaction, shared group experiences, and provoke thought. By taking the concert experience out of the concert hall and into the urban environment, we are forcing audience members to recontextualize classical music. By performing outdoors our hope is to bring people together and to make them aware of the art, beauty, and humanity that is always around them; something which may be lost in people’s everyday downtown experience. Chamber Cartel would like these concerts to be catalysts of changing ideas about what music is, how music is performed, and how large the community in Atlanta is.

Chamber Cartel is a group of adventurous musicians seeking to find the rare, wonderful, imaginative, and beautiful in contemporary music.


Never Having Written a Note
Friday 10.17 @ 7:30 PM @ Timeline | 76 Forsyth St.
Saturday 10.18 @ 2:00PM @ Well Wishing | 19 Walton St.
Sunday 10.19 @ 6:00PM @ Allusion | N Plaza Woodruff Park
Science is Only a Sometimes Friend
Monday 10.20 @ 1:00PM @ A Gray Thought | 87 N Broad St.
Tuesday 10.21 @ 6:15PM @ Wishing Well | 19 Walton St.
The Immeasurable Space of Tones
Wednesday 10.22 @ 6:00PM @ Allusion | N Plaza Woodruff Park


Below is the most recent episode in the New Ears series featuring Caleb Heron from Chamber Cartel.  The Cartel will perform The Immeasurable Space of Tones at D_Allusion on Wednesday, October 22nd at 6PM. The Cylinder is a Goat Farm Art Center podcast created and produced by Rob Skipworth.