Two analog synthesizers and one analog drum machine will each cover one wall within the dumpster. The cartoonishly large controls for these devices will be operable by anyone who enters the dumpster, and several people can play any given wall at once. The strobing and sequenced LEDs of each instrument will be the only light within the dumpster, giving the room a space-age atmosphere.  Each knob, touch pad, switch, or jack will affect some aspect of the sound or lighting, and participants will need to experiment with these controls to learn their functions. Visitors will need to learn from each other’s experiences and cooperate to unlock the full possibilities of their environment.

Relay is:

William Kennedy

Addison Adams

Greg O’Connell

Ash Rickli

Performance @ Social Synth Dumpster
Friday, October 17th 8PM – 11PM

Stupid Idiots
Half Acid
Salsa Chest

Performance @ Social Synth Dumpster
Wednesday, October 22nd 6:45PM – 9PM

Adam Babar
Jonkst (Chris Yonkers)