The #trashtag dumpster is a pop-up public forum and a canvas for magnetic poetry. Anyone can craft a message by rearranging luminous building blocks inscribed with words and emoji on the side of the container. If people choose to share, the Dumpster Tweets their message. Over time, we learn more about the Dumpster’s hopes, dreams and fears.

Our fingers normally handle the task of talking on social media, but the Dumpster requires our whole bodies. People lift oversized blocks to place them, back up to see them, and lean into a life-size button to share them. #trashtag is performed by, for and with the city. The scene morphs from moment to moment as each actor alters its arrangement. Each line prompts the next, constantly opening new acts. The concept explores the intersection of physical and digital social media, and the disposable nature of modern messaging. It contributes both a present and remote spectacle to Elevate 2014.

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