The title for the piece, Jarawa, was essentially arrived at by some investigation into the different aspects of isolation. The Jarawa are an indigenous people of the Andaman Islands off the coast of India who have chosen to largely shun interactions with society at large. Their name which roughly translates to “people of the earth” or “hostile people” in Aka-Bea, seems to express a duality of a people who, in their day-to-day lives, rely heavily on social interactions and cooperation with nature for their very survival yet are extremely apprehensive to socializing with the world we’ve come to know. Jarawa will explore the contradictions between isolation & interaction and how these dualities persist and coexist in the realm of the “civilized” world. ┬áThe Jarawa performance and subsequent installation is an extension of Pandrogeny, which is an ongoing project of The Young Never Sleep Studio which seeks to examine the types of masking ritual that is common throughout ancient culture and in present-day ceremony through a contemporary lens. Through masking ritual and costuming, we’re able to unearth elements of playfulness, darkness, aggression & sexuality that seem to be easily accessed by children and alternatively, by these types of antiquated cultural customs.

Friday 10.17 @ 8PM
Saturday 10.18 @ 2PM